Beautifully Bookish

Here you will find all manner of lovely gifts for readers, writers, and the generally bookish.


The Products
The carefully curated product ranges include jewellery and mugs featuring literary quotes, book-inspired bookmarks and bags, bunting and wall art made from book pages - and even folded sculptures created from books themselves.
The majority of the items are handmade, and many can be customised. You can also have something special commissioned - just ask!


The Philosophy
Beautifully Bookish believe that things should be more than mere objects. They should be beautiful, contain meaning beyond their purpose, and they should spark joy.

Customers should feel valued, and feel free to make special requests and be able to ‘tweak’ designs to have something created just for them.

Products should be made from rescued and repurposed resources as much possible - with books from charity shops, vintage silverware from antique dealers and brownie badges from car-boot sales.

Other products are sourced as locally as possible, with bracelet blanks from Eastbourne, mugs made in Hampshire, and t-shirts printed in Wiltshire.

The next chapter...
Beautifully Bookish is always looking to expand its range, and new products will be appearing throughout the year.

It would also be rather lovely to get some products into a few independent bookshops!

If you are interested in stocking Beautifully Bookish products, or have a product that would sit well with the range, please get in touch.